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JustGiving - Coco Cozens & Her Family

Hello i'm Maddy, Coco & Nellies Auntie.

This is painfully hard to write.

Unfortunately on Monday 18th March we received news no family is ever prepared for.

Coco had been unwell for a few months where Lauren and Ashley (mother & father) had been seeking medical attention for Coco. Unfortunately only infections at the time. Multiple trips to Doctors & Hospital Coco was admitted on Wednesday 13th March at RD & E.

From the 13th March to the 18th March Coco deteriorated resulting in an emergency CT scan. The results clearly showed a brain tumour. Coco was then transferred to Bristol's Royal Hospital for children where medical professionals were awaiting her arrival. Ashley & Lauren followed behind. After an MRI Coco went straight in for surgery to add a drain into her brain as the pressure had spread all the way around causing swelling in her eyes and double vision. This was to reduce the pressure and pain.

On Tuesday 19th March Coco showed signs of more deterioration and a fever. She was tested for sepsis & CT to check the drain. Rest assured sepsis was not present however the CT showed the tumour was irritated and the Neurosurgeons had to act fast. That night they administered 2 lots of steroids to keep the pain at bay for our babe.

At 0900am on Wednesday 20th March our Coco was taken into surgery. 16hours long due to the size of the tumour. As you can imagine that was the slowest day in the world for Ashley & Lauren along with the rest of our family.. A lot of risks within this type of surgery but being strong they had to do what was best for Coco at this time. Coco unfortunately suffered a stroke just before/during surgery

At 1am on Thursday 21st March Coco came out of surgery. An MRI was done prior to moving her to ICU to examine what was left of the tumour. Unfortunately a tiny bit still remains.

Coco was then moved to High dependency unit on Friday 22nd where she still remains but hopes to be moved to a neurology ward soon.

Whilst this was all going on Neuro and Oncology kept in conversation with Ashley & Lauren. Unfortunately the tumour is malignant. More information is due in the next coming week. Coco will then undergo a lumbar puncture in 2 weeks time once she has had full recovery from surgery to see if the cancer has spread. A Hickman line will also be put in awaiting chemo. Ashley and Lauren have been made aware that they could be in Bristol for the foreseeable. Currently they have only been told this.

We are such a close family and appreciate all the well wishes we've received daily. Nellie will be able to visit her parents & sister as much as she likes along with the rest of our family.

I've had a lot of people asking how they can help at this time and along with them believe financial help would be the best right now as unfortunately we need to leave everything else to the medical professionals.

I cant even imagine how they are feeling and all i would like to do is help relieve some worry one way or another

Coco turns 1 on Thursday 28th March.

No one deserves this. They're such kind people and Coco is such a precious baby. This is our time to help them.

They will be reading everyone's comments and I know we can make them smile in one way right now.

Much Love and I will keep this page updated.

Maddy xxxx

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